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Insurance Coverage Litigation

More than 100 years of experience handling coverage disputes

At Garrison, Yount, Forte & Mulcahy, LLC, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience representing insurance companies, corporations and policyholders in insurance coverage disputes. Our firm has performed coverage evaluations in a variety of cases, including cases involving claims of:

  • Environmental damage
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers compensation
  • Employment-related practices
  • Defamation
  • Construction disputes
  • Property damage to businesses
  • Business interruption
  • Employer vicarious liability
  • Products liability
  • Premises liability
  • “Other insurance” provisions
  • Auto liability
  • Officers and directors liability

Our attorneys have successfully litigated and appealed coverage disputes in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana and Florida, and we stand ready to assist you today.

The firm also has vast experience handling First Party Property Insurance matters, including claims involving fires, sinkholes, storms, hurricane property damage, stucco damage, water loss and mold, appraisal, and bad faith. Our attorneys provide in depth pre-suit coverage investigation, analysis, and opinions, as well as effective representation throughout every stage of litigation.

Hurricane litigators

Our attorneys in Florida and Louisiana are familiar with the impact of hurricanes on our Gulf Coast region, both from their own personal experiences with the devastation caused by hurricanes and their professional experience handling hurricane claims. We understand the dynamic nature of such natural disasters, the impact on people and property, and the claims process and litigation arising therefrom. Our attorneys have represented numerous insurers against first-party claims and are well versed in the laws governing first-party claims handling and disaster claims. We are familiar with the estimation process, and our attorneys are adept in working with experts, evaluating damage claims, and in defending bad faith claims. Our attorneys have hurricane litigation experience pre-dating Hurricane Katrina in 2005 until the most recent storms, including Hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta, and Ida in Louisiana, as well as Hurricanes Sally, Michael, and Irma in Florida; they have dealt with the evolution of the law during this span of time, including the most-recent bad faith legislative amendments and case law development in Louisiana and the recent changes to Florida law governing attorney fee awards in first-party property damage claims and Florida law governing the assignment of benefits (AOB) claims.

Our firm has presented numerous seminars and continuing education classes over the years on Louisiana and Florida bad faith law and litigation, particularly as it pertains to first-party claims. Contact our firm to discuss how we can help defend your company from hurricane and bad faith handling claims.

Unparalleled experience in sinkhole litigation defense

Our Florida partners have extensive experience in the highly-specialized area of sinkhole litigation defense. The frequency of lawsuits regarding sinkhole coverage has increased dramatically in recent years, particularly with the current economic and housing crisis. As a result, many Florida defense firms have begun practicing in this area of insurance defense as another way to increase case loads and revenue. By contrast, our Florida partners have extensive experience in defending sinkhole coverage cases and have an invaluable depth of knowledge regarding the legislative history and evolution of Fla. Stat. 627.707 and related statutes, as well as the science of sinkhole investigation and detection; that is unmatched by any other law firm in the Tampa and Orlando areas.

Currently, our Florida insurance litigation team defends sinkhole coverage cases in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida. In each case, we immediately provide a thorough, up-front analysis of the issues in the case and work with our clients to develop innovative defense strategies for each case. Our Florida litigation team has the defense experience and ability to provide knowledgeable insight into the application of the 2011 Amendments to Florida Sinkhole related statutes, as we have litigated through the amendments of those same statutes in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

Let our experienced team put their knowledge and skill to work for you or your business.

Trusted litigators serving Florida and Louisiana

Given the complex and sometimes ill-defined nature of claims made during the early stages of litigation, it is not always clear whether claims are covered by certain insurance policies. We provide guidance to clients on whether their claims give rise to a duty of defense and/or indemnity under Louisiana and Florida law. We also work closely with clients to address their concerns during this time and are honest about their chances of success.

Our firm has the knowledge, capability, and resources to handle even the most complex insurance cases. We represent high-profile insurance carriers throughout Louisiana and Florida. No matter what issues confront you, rest assured that our attorneys can secure you the best possible results.