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Products Liability Litigation

Gulf Coast attorneys for all products liability cases

At Garrison, Yount, Forte & Mulcahy, LLC, we defend clients in products liability litigation throughout Florida and Louisiana. Our firm has successfully litigated cases involving claims of defective design, defective construction and composition, failure to warn and breach of express warranties regarding multiple types of products, including the following industries:

  • Automobile manufacturing (seatbelts, air bags, engines, windshields, air-conditioning systems)
  • Building products
  • Cleaning products
  • Drilling equipment
  • FEMA trailers
  • Food products
  • Fabrication machinery
  • Farm machinery
  • Industrial hoses
  • LP gas detectors
  • Marine research and exploration equipment
  • Marsh buggies
  • Medical products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Power generators
  • Refinery piping and machinery
  • Rigging equipment
  • Scaffolding
  • Space heaters
  • Televisions
  • Tires

Our attorneys bring diverse educational and work-force backgrounds and real-world insight to products liability litigation. Attorney Lyon H. Garrison has handled many high-profile cases for corporations marketing products all over the world. Attorney Robert T. Vorhoff worked on military helicopters while in the Marine Corps and has an extensive background in physics. Attorney Randall C. Mulcahy is a former officer in the United States Air Force holding an aeronautical rating of navigator and specializing as an electronics warfare officer. Our lawyers combine their experience, knowledge, and technical backgrounds to provide clients with the best possible results at every stage of the litigation process, including trial.

A results-oriented approach to litigation

Our attorneys recognize that their best asset in defending a products liability case is their client’s personal knowledge and experience. We also rely on relationships developed with experts in a variety of specialized fields to assist us in defending our client’s product. These two most valued resources help our attorneys develop arguments and strategies to use a trial, while also customizing defenses to each particular client’s product and unique needs.

When handling your case, our attorneys seek to resolve the claim against you as quickly and effectively as possible. Litigating products liability cases can be a detailed and often expensive process, and, when possible and appropriate, we attempt to resolve matters before trial through motion practice and/or procedural strategy. If trial becomes necessary, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to effectively defend products liability claims through trial. With more than 100 years of collective trial experience at their disposal, our attorneys are ready to provide each client with the best possible result.

Committed to protecting our clients

Our firm never loses sight of the goals of our products liability clients. We understand the sensitive nature of our clients’ proprietary information, and we make the protection of that information a top priority. At every phase of litigation, we are mindful to protect our client’s brand and reputation. Our experience in dealing with the media and our results-oriented approach give our clients the edge in products liability litigation.