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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation attorneys serving Louisiana and Florida

At Garrison, Yount, Forte & Mulcahy, LLC, our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience representing clients throughout Louisiana and Florida in matters involving state and federal workers’ compensation claims, including Jones Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act cases. In addition to handling employee workers compensation claims, we file claims on behalf of our employer/insurer clients with the Second Injury Fund in Louisiana to obtain reimbursement for benefits paid to or on behalf of the injured employee. We can also assist our clients in obtaining approval and reimbursement from the Second Injury Fund for lump sum settlements.

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Our firm understands the frustrations often experienced by employers and their insurers when litigating workers’ compensation cases. Unlike a typical personal injury matter, a workers’ compensation case can continue on for months or years until a resolution is reached. Our goal when litigating these claims is to bring the case to a conclusion as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the doctors, health-care providers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and hearing officers, which is important in achieving this objective.

Additionally, our firm has extensive experience in dealing with high exposure and long-standing workers’ compensation claims. Our attorneys utilize creative and effective strategies in order to achieve favorable resolutions and lower our clients’ future medical exposure, including the cost of Medicare Set Asides.

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Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients determine whether the best course of action is settlement or trial. In some cases, the evidence may show that an employee’s claim is not legitimate. In these situations, we aggressively defend our client’s interests by obtaining second opinions with physicians we know to be competent and able to recognize a dishonest or uninjured claimant. We also have access to excellent private investigators who monitor and record a claimant’s activities to assist us in defending these claims. In the event these matters proceed to trial, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully litigate these claims.

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Garrison, Yount, Forte & Mulcahy, LLC represents clients throughout the Gulf Coast in workers’ compensation cases.  To schedule an initial consultation, contact our offices in Louisiana or Florida, or feel free to contact the firm online.