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Traci M. Zimmerman

Tampa, FL


Traci Zimmerman has been at the firm since July 2023.

She started her career working at law firms in 1985 – when two (2) attorneys came into the Pinellas County Clerk’s office – (where she was a Supervisor for 3 years over a group of Deputy Clerk’s that assisted attorneys & the public; and she also assisted parties filing for spouse abuse injunctions and a Judge from time to time ) and they asked if she would like to interview for a position as a Legal Assistant. They also advised her that they would pay all her costs to attend the paralegal classes (which were in their infancy) at St. Petersburg Junior College (nka SPC). After deciding to go to an interview and much thought, Traci decided to walk thru the door of opportunity, and to leave the job she loved with the County. So, she then added attending her paralegal studies at night (which was a world she didn’t know about & loved learning), in addition to working and raising her four (4) year old son. Traci has loved the adventure of working in law and other opportunities that has brought her ever since – including, traveling out of town to assist clients (condo associations) with large discovery requests in response to hurricane claims; assisting attorneys at conferences and doing public relations work at the conferences, etc. Her favorite opportunity she had – was working at her firm’s main office in Chicago for two months, the summer of 2010.

Traci has mostly worked in firms in Tampa – and has worked in various types of law over the years. Her favorite has always been insurance defense (she loves the challenge of detailed required assignments), which includes: auto accidents; premise liability; bodily injury; nursing home & medical malpractice. In addition, she has worked in the areas of property insurance (plaintiff & defense) – including hurricane; fire and; sinkhole. In her extensive career, Traci has attended multiple trials, including one in Federal Court that lasted over several months (Trustee vs. a creditor and multiple debtors).

In addition to being a proud, long-time member of the legal community, Traci is very proud to be the 3rd of 5 generations born and living in Pinellas County. When not working, Traci enjoys time & having fun with her family (including her daughter & 3 granddaughters) & friends; traveling (near & far), photography, baseball and variety genres of music.